SEO’s must remember four key aspects of marketing to remain viable


SEO experts are also part-time marketers, having to know how to balance everything so they can turn a profit. It’s a delicate balance of several factors, but four major points, are especially important to consider, according to Marketing Land: Products/services, Price, Place, and Promotion. All four must work together to promote a profitable SEO (or any other type) business.

First, there are products and/or services. What do you offer to your customer and why should they want it?You must be familiar with your customers’ needs and determine if your product or service will fulfill a need. For SEO, it fulfills the promotional needs of a business by helping it get noticed more easily online.

Then, you can consider price. One must strike a balance between price and service value. In any business, ultimately, your product or service is only worth as much as your customer is willing to pay – no more. The trick is finding that dollar value that will keep the customer interested and still allow you to turn a profit.

The third important item to remember is place. Are you easily found by the customer who needs what you are offering?Customers will look for SEO service in different places: online, word-of-mouth, networking, and other channels. It’s your job to put your company in the right places so your would-be customers will find it.

Finally, do you effectively promote yourself online – or offline. While all components in marketing have to work in the right balance, place and promotion go hand in hand. To have a viable company you must make yourself visible in multiple channels, not the least is mobile. Since this channel is rising in popularity rapidly, you must ensure your strategies include a mobile and non-mobile friendly website and ads.

In marketing products and services, one thing affects another. All four factors must be taken into consideration and each in the quality or quantity so that all four gears mesh and operate harmoniously together.


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