7 Ways to Get More Air Duct Cleaning Leads from Google


Air duct cleaning companies cannot completely rely on word-of-mouth publicity in this day and age as the number of people searching for solutions online is on the ever-increasing mode now.

Air duct cleaning companies work within a few miles radius where they can reach and get the job done at the earliest. This means that they belong to the category of a local business that operates locally depending on calls driven from local advertising.

Google offers new possibilities for local businesses to have better online visibility and search results ranking which will automatically result in more business online. Local SEO is the key aspect that air duct cleaning companies should focus if they need to drive more conversion to their business.

Let us take a look at some Local SEO essentials as well as a few Google special features to help you drive more business online.

1. Keywords

Keywords are the very basic element of SEO. The first think you need to think before you start your Local SEO is your keywords. Think from the perspective of your customers who search online to find an air duct cleaning company. Write down those keywords because you need to work with them in many different ways.

Google Keyword Planner will help you make an intelligent keyword list by showing you how much traffic each of your chosen keywords get as you input them in the provided field. This will tell you what keywords are used most while users search in the search engine. And you can prioritize these keywords using this data while writing content and bidding for keywords.

Always choose keywords with buying intent over those with research intent. You can also include the keyword suggestions from Google Keyword Planner into your existing list of keywords if they are great traffic pullers.
You can use keywords, phrases, singulars, plurals, misspellings etc. while you create your targeted search term list. This will help you rank even for the mistakes or slight variations from the searcher’s part.

2. Website Optimization

Without optimizing your website you are not going to get quality leads and conversions to your business. Website optimization is not a cakewalk that you can realize overnight.

It takes some time and you need to put some SEO efforts and research while working for optimization your website from various levels such as website analysis, keyword research and development, content optimization, continuous testing and measuring, etc.

Make sure you use these keywords in your page titles, meta tags etc. Also don’t forget to sprinkle these keywords and strategic search phrases within the visible website content without disturbing the natural flow of your content.

Develop new sitemaps for search engines. This will help search engines like Google to easily index your website. Create an HTML version and then add an XML version too so that it will help Google to crawl the most important pages of your website.

Submitting your website’s URL to major search engines will automatically help index your site quickly. Some directories such as Yahoo, Business.com, etc. require payment for submission.

Mobile optimizing website is inevitable for air duct cleaners these days to get calls directly from mobile users. Today, everyone has a mobile device and internet access. So it is easier for a mobile user to search for air duct cleaning services of their locality via mobile phone.

If you don’t mobile-optimize your site, a mobile user will find it difficult to use your website and make a desirable action. Never let your business lose calls that way.

3. Google My Business

Google My Business allows you to give an overall idea about your business. A searcher can find your location, address, contact details, website link, location map, photos, and other special features of your business from Google My Business. In short, it is your website in a nutshell. It gives you credibility and presents your business as real and authentic.

Ranking high on Google My Business is also relatively easy. You just have to be careful that you give information identical to that provided on your website. You should never make any changes to this information, i.e. if you are providing your address and phone number, make sure you provide the exact address and number given on your website. This will give confidence to new customers to call you for cleaning their HVAC system.

4. Targeted PPC Ads

Google helps you reach to your specific audiences through targeted PPC ads. Google Ads (previously known as AdWords) is an outstanding advertising platform you can use to take your ads to the audiences of your location.

Look at the results page appeared for the targeted search ‘air duct cleaning companies in york city’:

Remember that your ad rank with Google depends on your bid, quality score and expected impact of extensions and formats. With better quality scores, your ads will automatically rank high and at times you pay even less than the ad underneath your ad.

5. Using Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are additional information you provide with your ad to make the purchase journey frictionless for your customer. Google allows you to provide a phone number, site-link, message, app, etc. as ad extensions. This will make it easier for the online searcher to take any action if they are in need of your service.

Ad extensions make it simple for the user who would have distracted or bounced back otherwise due to the lack of an easily accessible navigation path.

6. Call-Only Ads

Call-Only ads are so close in resemblance with PPC ads, but they have some significant differences. They won’t take you to a landing page as you click them. Instead, an automatic dialer will appear and with a click on it, a call is directed to the advertiser. Google introduced this new campaign type in April 2018 to make it easier for customers with commercial intent to directly call a business.

This is highly recommended for businesses like air duct cleaning. Because this ad type helps you get calls immediately as the customer clicks on the displayed phone number. You can set up this campaign for particular times and hours of the day. So you need not worry about getting calls at other times.

Air duct cleaning companies rely primarily on phone calls for getting new projects. The greatest advantage is that the barriers between prospects and the business are almost completely removed with this ad format.

7. Use Google Analytics for Tracking Your Performance

Use Google Analytics for tracking valid information about how your business is currently performing and various factors affecting it. By analyzing the current pattern and trend, you can make better and intelligent decisions for the future.

By using Google Analytics you can find out how many people are finding your website by clicking on the link from search results (organic results), how many came through links in social media, from other websites, from paid ads, and by directly typing your website URL.

This data will help you prioritize the marketing funnels that bring the most traffic to your website and also optimize your budget for better results.

These seven proven solutions will help air duct cleaning companies make a remarkable impression in their business and set up a path for further growth. So, don’t waste time. Pick the strategy your company requires at the moment and just take off.

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