Show executives how content expansion will improve the ROI


Content marketing is a very important aspect of brand promotion, but convincing your budget-minded executives to give out a few more dollars to grow your advertising department can be a challenge, according to Marketing Land. Creating and putting out quality content across the online market requires resources that can be costly but have the promise of a handsome ROI.

First, the upper management and corporate boards understand most aspects of business as it relates to the bottom line; therefore, you must connect your requested program expansionas it will impact the ROI. The metrics you present must clearly show how putting more resources into the content marketing strategy will ultimately have a positive return. Don’t present too many marketing details which management probably won’t understand because they don’t work your job day-in and day-out.

Approach them with clear ROI metrics that shows what you’ve accomplished to-date and the goals you are working toward this year and the next. Clearly state your goals for your content marketing strategy and make sure your baseline metrics are easy to trace.

Show how the ROI will improve by expanding content development resources. The management team or corporate board will likely ask you to share your data, proving your expected ROI as a result of the expansion for this year and the next. Information from a sales department on numbers of conversions can be shown as evidence of your ROI. Also, showing evidence from social media accounts can be helpful as comments and posts show the general attitude of the public toward your brand.


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