Small retailers can compete in the global market


Size really does not matter – when it comes to marketing campaigns on Google. Search Engine Land has shown that there are certain effective tricks a small retail outlet can use to improve their Product Ad Listing and compete against the deep-pockets of behemoth retailers.

First, try to specialize in new or independently-designed brands which will allow for less competition in the SEO algorithms. Larger retailers are going for the big brands, but they have the bucks to advertise. Slipping in from behind with the lesser known stuff is a perfect way to realize more return on ad sales (ROAS).

Also, even if you are an online retailer, focus your ad dollars on a select customer base to get the best conversion. Don’t try to appeal to the global customer base until your legs grow a little longer.

Then, remember to use language that describes your specialized or little-known products to get the best ROAS from the incoming queries.

Another important item to remember is geotargeting, a very important aspect of any marketing strategy. Direct your ads to a geographic location within your delivery area and focus on areas with customers who can afford and will buy your products.

Next,Google’s remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) should be used to your best benefit. These are usually best used with a highly-narrowed ad targeting, customers who have purchased from you before.

Finally, consider lowering prices a little to get a better chance of being viewed by the Google algorithms. Google does not necessarily favor low prices, but customers do, so Google will tend to gravitate toward a customer preferred item.


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