Snapchat Releases Key Changes to Chat Tab


    Using Snapchat will never be the same again. There are new features released for its chat tab and they are geared towards enhancing user experience. It is understood that these changes have been necessitated by the increasing market competition for messaging. Modern apps for chatting have now gone beyond the usual sending of plain texts to additional functionalities. There are those that provide for photos and images to be added as well as videos, but that is rare.

    It has to be good news if you use Snapchat for your messaging purposes. These new changes will give you more than what you have yearned for all the time.

    New Snapchat Features

    • Video chat

    Even though this is not a new feature, it has come with fresh updates that make it highly intuitive unlike the past version. It was very difficult locating the video chat feature in the old version while in the new one you will get all the fun out of its use. It’s easier using the feature since both faces are displayed at the start of a call. It then goes into the full-screen mode once the call has been answered. To return to the faces, you just swipe down.

    • Video notes

    These notes are sent over chat and include ridiculous but short selfie videos. This is a new introduction by Snapchat and it’s possible to send a video note of approximately 10 seconds. Take the video notes with a selfie camera and it will pop up on the chat window. These notes will be good if you want to send quick reactions to friends that you are chatting with.

    • Audio calls

    Audio calls are an addition to Snapchat because they believe people are still fond of making audio calls. When you tap the phone icon, the audio call will be made. It will always begin on a speakerphone, but cannot go to the full-screen mode. That makes it easy for you to continue doing other things on Snapchat while still making the audio call. If you make calls that would require some form of conversation, this is the feature that makes all that easy for you.

    • Audio notes

    There is not much difference between this feature and the video notes. The only disparity is that this includes audio, while the other has video. All in all, the experience is awesome and makes for another reason why you should consider using Snapchat anytime you are messaging.

    • Stickers

    Despite embracing this when it’s a bit late, Snapchat is proud to introduce stickers as part of the improvements. The main advantage of stickers is that they help in signing out a conversation. You don’t need to say that in words again whenever using Snapchat. It’s an experience you can’t afford to miss out on.

    Generally, these new changes give you a reason to spend more of your time on your phone enjoying Snapchat over any other app. If you are new to it, be prepared for a whole new experience of a lifetime.


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