Snapchat rolling out new online-to-offline analytics


Snapchat has rolled out tools that will measure how many of their users viewed an ad on its platform and visited that brand’s brick-and-mortar place of business. There are strategies that can be used to direct traffic to the physical stores, according to Marketing Land.

With the various platforms emulating each other’s tools, Snapchat is rolling out a Facebook-style online-to-offline measurement as it is developing new methods to increase traffic from online ads to brick-and-mortar stores. Wendy’s and 7-11weretwo of the chains to first test the results of Snapchat’s newest online measurement, checking how many users viewed a brand’s mobile app then visited that store.

Marketers studying the measurements saw the numbers of people who visited a physical location and viewed the brand’s advertisement. Also, the Snap to Store numbers were set up with a seven-day window.

The measurements did not show visitation numbers for specific locations. So, the physical visitations measured with the ad views that led to a conversion did not differentiate which location in a particular city would be optimal for an advertisement. However, marketers can differentiate the numbers that visited the store and saw the advertisement from those who did not view the ad.

Snapchat is expected to roll out additional measurements that will help draw viewers to a brick-and-mortar location. Other new features will add categories to these measurements to further benefit marketing strategies – these classifications will include “big box shoppers” or “department store shoppers.” Additionally, Snapchat will have travel-related, fitness-related measurements, and others.



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