Snapchat Sponsored Geofilter now easily accessible


As of April 24, Snapchat officially rolled its new Sponsored Geofilter ads onto the API ads tools just in time for this year’s travel season, according to Marketing Land.For now, this feature is available through their API in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada. Making it available through the API ads, allows easier buying access for brands to buy Sponsored Geofilters that can be added onto shared photos and videos on mobile apps.

The new feature is being rolled out in a timely manner, considering it’s on the outset of the Spring/Summer season, a time when there are a lot of events where people will probably make use of place-based documentation: weddings, graduations, concerts, and travel plans.

Brands can buy Sponsored Geofilter campaigns through third-party software used to obtain Snapchat’s Snap Ads that are viewed on the Discover Channel, and the Geofilter is also available through the direct sales team. Snapchat’s Sponsored Lens is the only ad format that has not been made available through the platform’s API.

As with most formats, automation makes ad sales easier. For instance, pairing Sponsored Geofilter and Snap Ad in a campaign is now more convenient with third party companies that can work with the API.

Also, a brand can have smoother management of the overall look of the Geofilter feature with customizable templates. These can be altered by the AI to change locations without individual editing.

Finally, performance tracking of Geofilter campaigns can be conducted more efficiently, and can give comparative metrics between this type of ad and a Snap ad format.


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