Social media is a powerful source for marketing


There are over two billion social media users in the world today, according to Marketing Land. That number is expected to increase in the coming years with the implementation of the global interconnectivity initiative by Facebook last year. Any smart online marketing campaign must include strategies to reach out to the online platforms that court so many potential customers.

On the downside, getting people to slow down long enough to see your advertisement or to actually watch even part of your marketing video is a supreme challenge. Since platforms like FB and other social media titans charge quite a bit for the privilege to expose your material on their plot of acreage in cyberspace, marketing departments must be creative in getting their desired messages to the viewers in the most effective way.

One good preparatory step toward a well-informed strategy is finding out demographic details. Collecting and perusing 2 billion individual profiles would be a tall order even for Superman, but there are ways to get a statistical viewpoint on your audience; for instance, information pertaining to the 3.2 billion “likes” and “dislikes” on FB might give an idea about the range of viewer preferences – anything from politics and religion to how many people prefer cereal for breakfast over bacon and eggs.

Using people with influence has been a smart marketing move for decades. On television, advertisers engage prominent celebrity figures to sale their products, services, charitable causes, and so forth. The same idea has been carried over into the online marketing. Seeing the face of a well-known and liked personality (like Chuck Norris) is a good way to draw upon that person’s fan-base.


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