Social Media Series Part 8: Use Your Settings to Your Advantage


We’ve covered a lot of ground in our social media series. We’ve discussed social media in general, how to use different platforms, and how to make the most of your experience. Today, let’s talk about social media settings. We don’t think about our settings very often, but they can make a world of difference. Check out these social media settings tips and see how they can change the game for you.

Choose the Right Category

Some social media platforms will have you choose a category before you set up your business page. Are you a personal brand? A local business? A company? In reality, your business falls into more than one category. On social media, you often have to choose one. If you own a restoration company, always choose the “local business” or a similar category. This category says that you have a physical building and that you serve a local area. Social media platforms will use this information to decide who sees your page and who doesn’t. You want your page to be seen by the right people -in other words, the people who will use your service. With the right category, you get started on the right foot.

Keep It Accessible

Next, explore your accessibility settings. These settings accommodate different disabilities. We’ve talked a lot about images in this series, so let’s use those as an example. Visually impaired people often use screen readers to scroll through social media. If you add descriptions to your images, a screen reader can read those descriptions to its user. Some social media platforms make it very easy to add these descriptions. Spend some time making sure that your accounts are as accessible as possible. This way, more of your potential clients can experience your content.

Schedule Your Posts

You can also schedule some of your posts ahead of time. Some social media accounts will let you schedule your posts within the platform. For other accounts, you can use a third-party app. Either way, scheduling posts ahead of time lets you broaden your audience. You can post content during the dates and times when people are most likely to see it.

Social Media Settings Tips

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