Sponsored InMail messaging energizes B2B contact


Social media should be a vital part of your B2B marketing campaign, according to Marketing Land. Keyword-search and SEO strategies are fine, but to make contacts in other companies, platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn are great for the person-to-person contacts. More specifically, there are certain tactics you should try on the Sponsored InMail to increase your chances of positive conversions.

InMail has a variety of choices for audience targeting.You can upload lists of active prospects that you want to maintain contact with or lists of former contacts you would like to re-engage. On the other hand, instead of lists, you can target individuals who are not converters.

One of the powerful tactics to ensure better performance is segmentation by vertical and persona.The latter means you are targetingspecific persona in each of your targets because all accounts require a different messaging, and a different tone that appeals to them.

After getting your targeting and segmentation right, getting the content of your messages planned is the next step. Your message should have an attention-grabbing subject line, something to make the target curious enough to read the entire message. Next make sure the main content is personable and written succinctly. Don’t be too wordy. Lastly, write a brief conclusion to give it closure.

Finally, you need to set up an engaging call to action. Experiment with different calls to find out what works best.This may take a few trials (and failures) before hitting upon the right element to acquire a high number of conversions. The messaging only piques the interest and curiosity of your target, but the call will ultimately draw them in.


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