Stop Doing These 4 Things If You Want to Win Your Clients’ Trust


Marketing is all about trust. Your clients must build a relationship with you before they’ll truly feel comfortable using your service. That’s why most people visit a website several times before they finally make a purchase. All your marketing efforts boil down to trust. However, some marketing mistakes can do the opposite; They damage the trust that you’ve created with your clients. Thankfully, these mistakes are fairly easy to avoid. If you want your clients to trust you, then stop doing these four things.

Tweeting Without Thinking

When it comes to Twitter, it’s very important to “read the room.” If a recent tragedy or major political event is trending on Twitter, your brand can do one of two things: Either say something with empathy and sincerity or say nothing at all. What you shouldn’t do is capitalize on the event’s popularity. One social media strategy is to take advantage of trending hashtags to get more people to notice one’s account. That’s fine for lighthearted and fun trends. It’s not okay for tragedies. Always think before you tweet. If you’re not sure about a particular hashtag, do some research before you start typing.

Avoiding Social Media

“If it’s so easy to make mistakes on Twitter,” some people think, “then I’ll just avoid social media altogether. Problem solved!” Well, not quite. You may not want your own social media accounts, but your brand should have at least one. What does social media have to do with trust? Social media is one of the fastest, easiest ways for your clients to get to know your brand. Without social media, your business can appear untrustworthy.

Forgetting Your Current Clients

Most of your marketing probably caters to your future clients. It makes sense. After all, that’s the point of marketing. While you should absolutely keep up those marketing efforts, don’t forget about your current clients. Make sure they know that you appreciate them, too. A client who doesn’t feel appreciated may move on to one of your competitors.

Ignoring Audience Point of View

How much do you know about your clients? Do you know the average age of your clientele? Do you know their priorities? You’ll build more trust with your audience if you market toward their point of view. For example, if your clients’ top concern is having a safe home, then you probably won’t make much headway if you don’t appeal to that concern.

Need More Tips?

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