A Stunning New YouTube Experience


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do things that we had only imagined or visualized in dreams before? For example, for a long time I have wanted to experience a ride in a submarine but it’s definitely something which would remain a distant dream for the time being. Think about getting on a cruise ship and experience the wonders of the high seas without getting up from your chair. With YouTube, it is now possible for you to at least ‘virtually’ experience such amazing feat. Introducing the YouTube VR app, able to give you a stunning visual experience that may exceed your highest expectations.

What It Will Be?

A tentative date for the release of YouTube VR app has been set sometime during the end of this year. The App will be released through Google’s platform Daydream that is meant to provide the best virtual reality experience for the user. However, this has been the result of a lot of research and for the last year or so new video and audio format supports on YouTube have been slowly added. This includes facilities like Spatial Audio, VR video, and 360-Degree Video. With these features YouTube paved the path to creating an experience that would be unique, as broadcasted by Google I/O recently.

The YouTube VR app is meant for delivering a VR experience from YouTube that would be both seamless and engaging. Together with that the existing YouTube features like creating playlists finding new content or searching through voice commands – are all made available to the user. Now you can enjoy a huge range of high quality VR videos from all around the globe.

Some Other Features

Also with 360-degree and 3-D video, the app would be able to show YouTube content, like full 3-D, 360-degree footage, as well as the regular, popular videos in the 16×9 format. This means you can now enjoy top quality footage from all over the world easily with the aid of YouTube VR. Additionally, some exclusive content would be made available together with a set of brand new content and format which can provide never-before experiences for the user. This includes content from partners like Tastemade, NBA and Buzzfeed. There are also multiple camera partners that have been added to this project, including GoPro Odyssey, for better VR videos shot with jump-ready cameras that can make it easier to quickly produce such content.

The jump program has been launched recently in LA at YouTube Spaces as well as in NYC. YouTube Space locations will be made available around the world soon. The development of such VR experience unleashes the immense possibilities it has in the future and this can be seen as one of the best and most promising ways to explore it.


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