Take advantage of post-holiday marketing


With the New Year well behind and while coming into a lull for gift buying, Marketing Land says that now is the time for brand marketing managers to roll up their sleeves and get back to work. Now, in mid-February is the time to start getting the attention of would-be buyers. Advertisements discounts are plentiful, reducing costs by up to 40 percent and the competition is not as fierce, so a smart advertiser can put their brands in front of viewers cheaper and easier.

Facebook ads are effective in getting brands in front of the users’ eyes, but then it can be recycled onto other platforms like Instagram and carry the message to an even broader audience again at bargain prices.

The smart shoppers start browsing stores and their mobiles for the inevitable post-Christmas deals, so it doesn’t take a drone tech to figure out that this may be a good time of year to put out a little extra money of bargain ads. Target the discounted products; that’s what the shoppers are looking for right now.

A feature to consider is FB’s Automated Placement which targets the most effective slots for your ad. Because of the important TV events happening in the first quarter of the year, using ad dollars to appeal to the public mindset during this season can create that “bigger bang for the buck” effect that marketing departments want.

Looking beyond the holidays, and beyond the social media titans, and setting your target scope on the clear and present opportunities, these things can be profitable. Some of the smaller online platforms like Pinterest or Snapchat can help brands enhance their Jan.-March revenues.


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