Taking advantage of Google LIAs


Since Google put out its Local Inventory Ads (LIA), a listing of products found at local stores, they have become a popular search item in the paid advertisement realm. LIA traffic has shown an increase with numbers reaching as high as 60 percent (Q3 in 2016).

On the other hand, some advertisers are looking at editing their LIA time, putting it on hold under certain circumstances.

  • Stores close for holidays, so this could be one reason an advertiser may want to put a hold on LIAs. For example, in most American locations, even Wal-Mart closes on Christmas Day.
  • If online shopping gives the consumer a better deal than the in-store product.
  • When the local store’s inventory is running low and the store manager believes they will likely sell off all remaining units of the store in question without the LIA.

On the flip-side of this “put it on hold argument,” some advertisers believe that it is best to keep their products in front of the consumer eye as much as possible because this could glean a new buyer in the future. Also, an advertiser must take into account the competitor who does not take advantage of the LIA listing. That competitor has less advertisement. So, the LIA listed products has a better chance of being noticed by the consumer at the right time.

It is comparable the fast food manager who decides to keep his business open on Thanksgiving because a few rogue passersby might come in and eat. It is possible one of them might become a steady customer because the place was conveniently open for him/her.


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