“Tangential content strategies” helps diversify, improves SEO


The concept of tangential content strategymeans to seek content that is connected to (but outside of) your normal comfort zone. For instance, one study showed an apartment renting business began including political content in their strategies, which heightened consumer interest.  According to Marketing Land, there are several reasons why marketers should seek to diversify with content that may seem a step removed from their niche vertical but still holds some tangential interest to their target consumers.

First, keep in mind that each niche has its own variations in engagement levels. Setting realistic goals then, once attained, stretching a little beyond them is an important aspect of marketing with diverse niches. At some point your “comfort zone” will become less effective. Tangential strategies can help revive your waning conversion numbers and heal an ailing bottom line.

Second, emotionally driven content can be effective even if your vertical niche isn’t particularly based in emotional appeal.Research indicates emotional appeals can drive viral responses. Again, the former example of political content comes into play. Apartment searching is not a particularly emotion-driven niche, but political contenttends to polarize consumer interests andengagetheir passions.

Another advantage to stepping outside your niche vertical is establishing a better variety of backlinks that will improve your search engine ratings. As you connect with other niche verticals you will improve you link portfolio which helps the SEO ratings; your web recognition has a greater chance of increasing. As a result, you are likely to connect with more high-level links.

Finally, diversifying your content tend to establish stronger credibility with peers and management. Also, exploring new creative territory is a great way to refresh your own passion in your job.



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