Tech can help marketers develop “personalized” email campaigns


Personalization is the trend that marketers strive to achieve as they reach out to customers or potential customers, and a well-managed email campaign is one of the best venues used to this end. Brands and their customers want that one-on-one relationship, according to MarTech Today. There are a few guidelines that should be learned in establishing the right tools you need for a successful email strategy.

Marketers must select their technology to fulfill the needs of their company in creating that personalized connection with the consumer. It is important to find and apply technology that will allow enough flexibility so the marketers can use their own life-long experience and personal insights to develop long-term relationships.

Evaluatingcustomer interaction is difficult with the present technology according to reports from marketers. The present technological tools have not interfaced well with the email strategies to give adequate metrics that can be analyzed to help marketers understand the needs and wants of customers, information that would improve the customer/brand relationship. A large number of marketers say that data collection is very important, but the present tools are too limited.

Not all marketers use their email campaigns to full capacity. Emails are a tremendous channel for developing the kind of personalized relationship customers desire. Technology is important in running a successful email campaign, but for the brands that are seeking a one-on-one relationship with its customer base, the “human touch” is still an irreplaceable component when communicating with other human beings. Marketers must include elements in their email content that is meaningful to the customer, enhancing their experience. The irony is that the informational technology provides data that can gives marketers the edge they need to become more effective.


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