The 3 Essential Elements to High Conversion Design


In order to succeed in selling on-line, you need to learn how to work smart, not hard. I see too many entrepreneurs spin their wheels making the same mistakes over and over again- only to come up short. They invested in a website, but sadly they are never able to capture their visitors and turn them into customers.

In order to kill it online and own the business of your dreams, you need a website or landing page that is designed to deliver a high conversion rate between website visitors and paying customers. I have found the answer lies in three simple areas.

Image Quality

A picture is worth 1,000 words. So you need to make it count- ESPECIALLY on your website. Invest in a photo that connects with your visitor. Choose the image that resonates how your unique service will solve the problem of your customer and make their life better along the way. The purpose of this image is to hook the visitor into learning more about you, your service and the solutions you provide.


The number one way to grab your visitor’s contact information is through a web-form. Remember, the simpler, the better. The most successful marketing companies simply ask for an e-mail address and first name. In under 10 seconds, you could turn that visitor into a viable prospect.

Call to Action

Ask yourself, which challenge are you solving for your website visitor? What action can they take TODAY to move forward in achieving their goals? When you answer those two questions, make sure to create a call to action on your website that will entice your website visitor to provide you their information. It could be a simple form, ebook, whitepaper or subscription to your podcast. Be creative here and see your inbound leads soar!


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