The 4 Building Blocks of A Great Online Marketing Strategy

online marketing strategy

Need an online marketing strategy? If you run a business, then the answer is yes. These days, most of your marketing should center around the internet. After all, most people find their goods and services online. With that said, how do you get started? Do you have everything that you need for your online marketing? Start with the four items below. If you have all four, then you’re off to a great start.


Do you have an online marketing plan? If not, it’s time to get started. Whether you create the plan yourself or use an online marketing service, the plan can make or break your marketing potential. Some business owners launch their websites and dabble in social media without a plan. Those business owners don’t get noticed online. If you want prospective clients to find you, then you need a plan for the following items:

  • Website
  • Social media accounts
  • Your marketing funnel
  • Keywords
  • Your blog

Without that plan, your marketing goals could fall flat.


Next, you’ll need consistency for your online marketing plan. Of course, some things will stay more or less the same. Your webpages, for example, won’t change very often. However, you need consistency for your blog and your social media posts. Search engine algorithms favor consistency. Try to publish one blog post per week and one social media post per day. For blog posts, try to keep the timing as regular as possible. Pick a day of the week that works best for you and stick with that day.


Your online marketing strategy should include several long-tail keywords. We’ve discussed long-tail keywords in the past. Basically, you don’t want your keywords to be too short. You probably won’t reach the top of the search engine results pages with keywords like “restoration company.” Aim for keywords like “best restoration company in [your city]” instead. Since fewer people are competing for those keywords, you’ll have less competition for the top spot.


Finally, you need excellent visuals. When it comes to your website and blog, you’ll want simple, clean, and professional visuals. A website that looks too flashy, crowded, or immature will turn users away. Test your website to make sure that the right things draw the eye, and make sure that your site is user-friendly.

Online Marketing Strategy

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