The Top 5 Benefits of Email Marketing


Many businesses today use email as a form of relationship marketing within their larger customer relationship management strategy, and with good reason. Email helps maintain a connection with current, former, and prospective customers. Through email, a business can boost an existing customer relationship, encourage long-term customer loyalty, and convince the recipient to do or buy something.

Along with all the other digital marketing tools a business relies on, such as their website, social media, and search engine optimization, email marketing should hold an equally important place in their digital marketing toolbox.

Top Five Benefits of Using Email for Promotion

  1. Return On Investment (ROI) – The ROI of the time and money you spend to establish and manage an email campaign is excellent. Recent statistics state that you gain $40 in new business for every $1 you spend on email marketing. When you take into account that you have no fees for printing or postage, that ROI looks very good indeed.
  1. Analytics – Properly set up, an email campaign provides analytics such as rates of delivery, open, and click-through—all valuable insights into customer behavior. You’ll know immediately how subscribers respond to your messaging, and be able to further hone your email marketing strategy.
  1. Opt-in Subscribers Are Your Perfect Target Market – When someone opts in (subscribes) to receiving your emails, not only do they give you permission to email them, they also tell you they want to hear from you. This is a far better strategy than placing coupon inserts in monthly mailers or hoping a potential client sees a random ad you’ve placed in the newspaper.
  1. Email Is Available Virtually Everywhere – Your subscribers can check email just about anytime, anywhere, so your well-timed message has an improved change of being read. Happy subscribers may also share your message with their own contacts, which builds your credibility and brand in front of an entirely new audience.
  1. Demographics – With email marketing, you can control who sees your email based on location, demographics, and more. And, you can tailor your message and make it relevant to your different subscribers, for example, if they are new to your business or long-time loyal shoppers.

Email marketing software is readily available, and lets you manage multiple distribution lists and send messages at the optimum time. Done right, your email will be attractive and entice the recipient to open it and respond to your call to action. When you consider the many benefits of conducting an email marketing campaign, the decision to get started should be easy.


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