The Twitter Newbie’s Guide to Starting a Business Account


Twitter can be intimidating if you’ve never used it before. Still, it should be a vital part of your social media lineup. Twitter gives you a fast, simple way to communicate with current and future clients. You can use Twitter to build trust and client relationships. If you don’t have a Twitter account for your business yet, here’s how you can get started.

Join Twitter

Obviously, the first thing you’ll need to do is join Twitter. This part is simple. Just start by visiting From there, you’ll see a “sign up” button. Twitter will ask you for your name and contact information. It’ll also prompt you to create a username, display name, and more. When it comes to usernames, try to stick with your business’s name as much as possible. Keep it simple.

Choose a Bio and Header

Congratulations! You now have a Twitter account. Next, you should choose a bio, header, and profile picture. Without these things, your account will look unprofessional. Your bio is a short description of your account. Use this space to describe your business in a simple, snappy way. For your header and profile picture, you can use your logo, a picture of your business, or a photo of your team. Keep these pictures professional and relevant.

Start Following

Now you’ll need to gain some followers. The easiest way to gain followers is by following other accounts. Start with the most relevant ones. For example, your city and county may have their own Twitter accounts. That would be a great place to start. You can also follow similar but non-competitive businesses. For example, if you offer water restoration, you could follow plumbers who might recommend your services.

Establish Your Brand

Now, you’ll want to establish your brand and stick with it. Choose a tone that best represents your brand. Is that tone lighthearted? Humorous? Straightforward? Use whatever tone you’re most comfortable with, but keep in mind that you want the kind of account that people are willing to follow.

Let Us Help

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