Tiered bidding has its advantages and disadvantages


Tiered bidding lacks popularity among account managers, but if handled correctly can be utilized as a viable strategy in AdWords, according to Search Engine Land. This style of bidding, uses the same keyword in multiple match types, allowing some control of the bidding process. In spite of concerns, implementing automated script commands is the easy way to test tiered bidding, also called stacked bidding. Part of the process is learning what works by experimenting with new methods.

In tiered bidding, a keyword is selected for a number of match types. The more similarity between keyword and a query, the greater the chance of a conversion. This methodology seems feasible in the case of such similarities because it is worth more; but, the downside is not knowing in which generalized queries your keywords will not get the desired response from the Google algorithms.

The algorithms look for exact matches between keywords and queries, giving these the highestpriority. For instance, if a query is made for “Power Rangers games,” keywords and phrases that contain “Power Rangers games” will have priority. Exact matches do happen, but more often than not, Google has to rely on similarities.

The AdWords script can be set to any time table. It is developed to know when bids are not tiered in the correct manner then produces a new spreadsheet of bids to be implemented. Marketing is in part, re-strategizing as the conditions change.


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