Tips for Shooting a Great Marketing Video


    What You Have to Do For Shooting Marketing Video?

    Every time we turn on our computers, we are bombarded by videos, all of which compete to pull, and hold, our attention. This is especially true in the cut-throat world of marketing, where views are equated with profits. How does a business succeed in the online video marketing game? There is no easy answer, but there are a few steps you can take that can help increase the odds for success.

    Pre-Plan – Preparation in all things is essential.

    • Take the intended audience into account. What does your target audience want to see? A video marketing books and toys for young children should look different than a video marketing carpet-cleaning services for adults.
    • Create a storyboard representation of what the video should look. This should be a sequential series of simple sketches that will allow the creator of the video to visualize what the end product will look like.
    • Develop a written script for the people who will be acting in the video, even if it is you. Ensure the actor(s) understand your vision of the video. Taking time for this step will ensure your video shoot goes more smoothly and efficiently, with fewer re-takes needed.
    • Decide the purpose and style of your video – Do you want a testimonial, a product review, a tutorial, or an animated video?

    Shooting – Lighting and audio elements must be taken into consideration.

    • A successful video must be warm and inviting, avoiding the glare of sunlight while also keeping out unwanted shadows. Artificial and natural lights often conflict with each other, providing an imbalance of shades, so try to keep the light sources uniform throughout your shoot.
    • If shooting at an outdoor, on-site location, external microphones may be the most effective tools to help filter out unwanted background noise.
    • The Rule of Thirds is important! Human attention is automatically drawn to certain quadrants of a visual representation. Ensure that your subject is in these areas by shooting them from certain angles that will make them appear along the outer thirds of the shot.
    • Do not be afraid to have multiple takes of a scene, even if you think one is “perfect.” You never know what the shot will look like once you get it on a screen.

    EditingOnline video platforms are available to help with much of the editing process, but remember, not everything can be fixed through the editing process, so being able to choose from multiple takes is key.

    Effective videos hold their customers’ attention, allowing them to learn about products and services. Increase your chances of retaining these customers by pre-planning your video shoot, taking the lighting and audio elements into consideration, and using effective editing tools.


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