Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing


Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing

What makes email marketing so beneficial compared to other classic ways of marketing? What makes it deliver better results for investments and dealing with costumers compared to other ways? What makes you want to build up an email marketing system in the first place? This article will show you the 10 advantages of email marketing and why it is the best.

Top Reasons to Choose Email Marketing

1. Less time consuming and less effort

Consider the time and work you’ll put into offline direct marketing communication methods using the 2 usual ways:

  • Printed postal mail: It’ll take the time to design, print, cut and make the necessary adjustments of the printed postal. Then put it into an envelope. Not to forget the time delay due to mailing through the postal system.
  • Telesales campaigns: Besides needing to make a telesales written form, it’ll take much time for the sales representatives to dial all the numbers and call all the potential clients on your aim list.

However, using email marketing you are able to get the job done in less than 2 hours. Using pre-made templates of emails you approve of and make slight modifications, then utilize the list of the email system to choose who to target with your emails. After that, click send and that is it. You just did the work that would take weeks in a matter of hours and with one worker.

2. Instant messaging

Like we said, offline methods take a lot of time to build up and put into action. Email marketing on the other hand, because of its instant messaging feature, you can send emails anytime you need to make a promotion, adjustments, or real-time mail that reaches the clients on their celebrations and birthdays. Speed is your ally when using email marketing.

3. Customized messages

The offline direct methods are set to be for everyone and it is hard to communicate with your client in person in a customized way. But using the email marketing you will get to customize your message and set your client name, as well as customizing the information you send. That being said, it is obvious that modifying certain emails before sending is easier than modifying the printed emails. This somehow creates more intimacy between you and the clients in ways that are uncommon to other methods.

4. Divisions of client and user database information

Dividing your information about clients and users will enable you to send highly specified marketing messages, which will enhance the sales due to their specification. For instance, in case you are selling flowers, and you have in your database every client who purchased daffodils, you can send them a message in April, the time when daffodils will be available. This way, you are using the information you have to give the client something relevant to what he wants, and they will probably reply to your mail. This is the obvious choice for using good marketing strategy.

5. Increased communication frequency

Because we can send mail so fast, more communication with the client can be done. Rather than delivering printed mail to them once every month, or for a while, you are able to send emails any time you want. However, it is recommended that you do not flood your clients with messages, but rather send one each week. Unless it is needed, in that case, you can message them even daily!

6. Trial marketing messages

Testing stuff is so beneficial for marketing! Using email marketing, you can find out about your clients’ preferences by trying out the graphics, colors and designs of the mail, to see what they will most likely reply to. Sending one design of the mail to the 1st part of the list and another one for the 2nd part is extremely easy. After that, using accurate tracking tools given by the email marketing system, you will be able to tell which design worked best and made bigger sales.

7. Information distribution

Nowadays, literally no one sends printed mail they’ve got to someone they know, even if that someone is interested. On the other hand, it is extremely easy to forward a message they have received to friends, families or anyone who is interested, and it only takes seconds, which makes many people spread it. So your campaign does not reach only the ones you have sent mail to but expands and forms a network of people you have sent mail to, plus the people they have forwarded the mail to.

8. Cost reduction

Email marketing is so cheap! There is no need for many workers, creators or the ones who analyze the market. This saves on the cost for the printing, postal costs, phone calls, and advertising. In fact, some systems give you well-designed templates that you can modify and use. You will only need a good mail marketing system, and to know how to deliver the right mail to the right segment of clients. There is absolutely no system that allows you to pay less and get more benefits than this program of email marketing.

9. Unique tracking sales and user engagement tools

When it comes to tracking, email marketing is the best to find out what was successful in making sales and what failed. Good email marketing platforms give you the best tracking data to know how many saw their mail, how many visited the website provided in that mail, and exactly which link was visited. Moreover, it shows you the ones who reported the mail as spam, unsubscribed or even if the mail reached them or not. Analyzing the data along with the sales tracking will notify you about the engagement of the client.

10. Email marketing is saving our planet

This system is totally environment-friendly. It reduces the amount of trees used to make paper for printed marketing emails. Everyone wants to rescue the planet, and following email marketing as a method for your business will not only help our earth but also will highly improve your business.

With all these measurable advantages of email marketing, there is no doubt that it’s ultimately better for your business. Not using this system is preventing you from a lot of advantages which increases your sales and interactions with the clients with so little time, money and effort spent.


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