Top 6 Twitter List Tips You Definitely Need to be Using in 2016


Do you run other people’s Twitter handles for a living, or manage your own? Whichever you do, you are probably aware of the constant need for newer tips and tricks on how to manage Twitter lists, in order to get the best returns for your money and time.

Top 6 Twitter List Tips for 2016

  1. You’ve got to give an incredible name to your list

Twitter Babes,’ isn’t quite what we have in mind here. But regardless, it’s a name that will get you noticed, and even followed. However, if you are looking to set up a more formal, business network, then you might consider another kind of awesome name for your lists. How about, ‘Twitter Millionaires?’

  1. Include yourself in your lists, where appropriate

Hey, if you create a list, then you probably have something worth saying right? Why take yourself out of the equation? Be a part of the list you created. Interact and engage with the other members you have put on the list.

  1. Automate, automate and automate some more!

We only get 24 hours in a day, and there are a million things that need to get done! Fortunately for you, your Twitter lists don’t need to suffer anymore, thanks to the availability of Twitter tools that can help you automate. One very popular third-party Twitter tool you might consider using, that helps with list building automation is IFTTT.

  1. Take time to promote your lists

While automation is good, it doesn’t mean you can be passive and hands off. You now need to promote your list(s). Use hash tags, incorporate key members in your tweets, go ham if you have to! Let people know about the list(s) you have created.

  1. Smart marketing 101 – using lists to market events

Using Twitter for marketing purposes can help you reduce your marketing costs significantly if you know what you are doing. Whatever event or conference you are hosting, it will definitely need a bit of marketing. You can make adequate use of your Twitter lists for this. Build a list with all the key people attending the event, and then automate using IFTTT. Then making use of step number 4, promoting your event through hashtag Tweets.

  1. Establish a company directory through your lists

The lists you create are significant and valuable. The contacts you’ve made are priceless. Why let them go to waste when you can easily create a company directory for any, and every business you’ve been in touch with? If you work with others, you can also add them to your lists and allow them to network amongst themselves. This proves that your employees get along and that well, they know how to navigate their way around social media!


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