Top 9 Reasons to Consider Using Google Ads for your Restoration Business


Google Ads can help attract the right customers for your business, it can also improve brand awareness, and boost business revenue. If however, you have been hesitant about investing in Google Ads, then consider the following nine reasons that make Google Ads a highly effective digital marketing strategy for your restoration business.

1. Leverage the Largest Search Engine

Google currently commands the largest chunk of the search market today. The search engine giant commands 73.34% of the market share on desktops and 92.81% on mobiles.
This simply means that a substantial section of your target audience uses Google to look up restoration and remodeling services. Featuring your business ad on Google Ads can give you access to a larger audience base.

2. Advertise to Customers who are Looking for your Service in their Moment of Need

Planning a Google Ads campaign allows you to focus on customers who want your service in their exact moment of need. For a large percentage of customers, the product or service search process begins on search engines such as Google. If your ad can feature high on search engine results page, it will be one of first items that users will see.

3. Optimize your Customer Targeting

Using broad keywords such as “water damage remediation” or “bathroom remodeling” allows you to display ads to prospects looking for these services actively driving both engagement and conversion. Of course, not every customer will be ready to engage or convert. However, you can use Google Ads retargeting to engage with and draw those customers back.
The use of long-tail keyword search terms in your Google Ads campaign can further maximize your ad reach and impact among prospects who are primed for engagement and conversion.

4. Manage Campaigns without Busting your Advertising Budget

One of the best reasons for running a Google Ads campaign is that you can control every aspect of your advertising strategy. Google Ads allows you to micromanage everything from customer targeting, resources, and budget to deciding on the maximum bid on your ad(s) and to overlooking daily and monthly budgetary aspects of your campaign based on the ROI. If an ad is not delivering desired results, you can quickly step in and either decrease ad spend or even stop running it.
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5. Quick and Easy Assessment of your Campaign Performance

The Google Ads analytics dashboard gives you critical insight into your ads campaign – you can quickly and easily access data such as number of clicks and impressions, or your keywords budget. Google Analytics integration will further break down data to provide insight into aspects such as visitor activity on your website, the time they spend on your site/pages or where they clicked. This makes it possible for you to further customize your engagement and content.

6. Optimize for Top Ranking on Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)

While search engine optimization (SEO) continues to be the best way to rank high in organic search results, the fact is that SEO takes a lot of focused and dedicated effort.
Here again a smartly run Google Ads campaign can speed up and effectively optimize your path to ranking in top search results. Chances are, your ad could feature in top search results expanding both reach and impact of your campaign since the page will display your ad before organic results.

7. Build a Robust Business Brand

A well planned and optimized Google Ads campaign can be highly effective in building brand awareness given the market reach of the search engine giant. Display ads can further help optimize your brand awareness – you can leverage Google’s Display Network to expand your ad reach by promoting among a larger audience base.

8. Maximize Conversions

The quality of user experience on your landing page is one of the factors that Google uses to decide your ad ranking or whether or not to display your ad on SERPs. For this reason it is important that you focus on optimizing your landing page with highly relevant content to meet user expectation.
The best way to ensure Google ranks your ad and to boost conversions is by ensuring your landing page or post-click marketing focuses on using clear and persuasive copy and effective CTAs.

9. Use Appropriate Bidding to Optimize Ad ROI

To help drive Ad ROI, Google Ads allows you use different bidding strategies based on your advertising goals. Consider the following;
• CPC Bidding – recommended if you want to drive traffic to your site.
• CPM Bidding – recommended if your focus is building brand awareness.
• CPA Bidding – recommended if your focus is on conversions or to get customers to make a buying or sales based decision.
Selecting a bidding strategy helps Google can identify where to display your ad for maximum ROI.


Google Ads is a robust advertising platform for businesses that want to maximize on impact, reach, and ROI.
If you are ready to invest in Google Ads for your restoration business, we can help. Contact us at 770-872-8115 or visit us at Killit Online, Inc. to get started today!


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