Top Restoration Marketing Tips of 2019


Restoration marketing comes with many challenges. You have to find creative ways to promote your business. Meanwhile, you’ll have to find the marketing methods that work consistently. Finding the balance between creativity and consistency can get difficult. These restoration marketing tips will help.

Grab Their Interest

In our last post on restoration marketing tips, we talked about ways to make people excited to read restoration topics. Once you make people want to read your content, you’ve overcome your biggest hurdle. Focus on that goal first, and virtually everything else will follow. If you didn’t get a chance to check out that post, here’s the condensed version:

  1. Use a powerful first sentence.
  2. Make it personal.
  3. Use images.

Combine these three strategies, and you’ll have your audience’s attention.

Use People-Friendly Content

When writing your content, make sure that you keep it people-friendly. You already have their attention, so don’t lose it because of clunky wording. Avoid extra-long sentences. Use active verbs rather than passive verbs. Most importantly, edit everything before you send it out. (Hint: It helps to put your content away for a few hours before you edit it. You’ll catch mistakes that you wouldn’t have caught right away.)

Stick With It

The internet has trained us to expect immediate results. That doesn’t always work with marketing. Granted, if you have a ton of marketing experience and some time-tested techniques under your belt, then you’ll probably get results a lot faster than an SEO novice would. Either way, marketing takes time. When we offer restoration marketing tips, we always tell company owners to stay the course. Be patient, and soon you’ll see results.

Combine Tactics

You have a lot of different restoration marketing options. You can use blog posts, PPC ads, SEO optimization, and so much more. Each one of these options requires dedication. That said, you don’t want to put all of your eggs in one basket. Don’t focus all of your attention on your PPC ads only to ignore your blog posts, for example. Marketing requires a multi-angled approach.

Restoration Marketing Tips

We know that restoration marketing gets tough. If you’re tired of trial and error marketing, why not let us take care of everything for you? You’ll see fast results, and you can get back to doing what you do best. Talk to us at KiLLitOnLine today. We’ve got everything you need to reach your clients.

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