Tricks to use on Google SERP


There are a few simple tricks using URL modifiers anyone can use to gain insight into the workings of Google’s Knowledge Graphs found on a typical SERP.

Most Google searchers know something about the Knowledge Graph box on the right-hand side of the search page. The Google Knowledge Graph API can be used to better understand your Knowledge Graph information and the machine-generated identifier (MID). The MID began with the old Freebase feature. Freebase is no longer in use, but Google still uses its ID codes for entities in the search pages.

Two modifiers can be placed into the search URL and only the Knowledge Graph Panel will show, regulating or excluding the listings on your SERP. The “kponly” command changes the SERP to show the Knowledge Graph panel only and will exclude ALL the listings that would normally appear. When the “kbmid=” command is entered, it allows a specific entity – a business, person, organization, etc. All you have to do is insert the MID number of the entity, and your SERP results will focus on that one individual thing.

You can also change the language of the Knowledge Graph display by inserting the “hl” then type in a specific language code.

You can also manipulate the Knowledge Graph panel to show a narrowed range of results as they relate to the main subject of your search. For instance, inputting “Facebook ads Texas” then insert the appropriate MID into the URL search results, the SERP results shows images relevant to that search.


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