A Twitter account can promote your business


With more than 300 million users, Twitter is not the largest social media platform, but it provides great potential for business growth if handled correctly, according to Marketing Land. Studies claim about half of the Twitter users are likely to complete the online journey to brand purchase.

Designing the right logo and bio is very important. Depending upon the size of the business, the profile icon should be appropriate to represent the business or corporation. If a personal bio is provided, it should be written in a tone appropriate to the brand image and philosophy you want to project.

Focusing more on interacting with users than promoting products is the most advantageous use for a Twitter account. Users in any social media see advertisements come across their platform, so dominating your account with promotional material might discourage viewers. On the other hand, product or service descriptions should be available if requested.

Automated responses can provide quick opening messages or convenient answers to simple questions.This can also be used to prompt visitors toward a desired location, such as customer service personnel or a desired product or service. For more complex questions or issues, a panel of employees should be available for chat room responses.

Providing commentary and interacting with other users on non-controversial issues is a way to engage in positive customer relations.Giving response to current events tends to be an attractor.It’s usually a good idea to steer away from political arguments, or other divisive issues. If pressed for an answer, then a response should be worded with great care; some businesses prepare an official statement on certain high-profile issues like Trump’s Fence or Syrian refugees.

Businesses can now provide store locations on Twitter, a very convenient feature for franchises with multiple locations in a large city. It also helps in coordinating customer complaints and feedback.


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