Twitter Adds Two New Features to Improve UX


Twitter recently announced the introduction of two new features that will allow users to personalize their experience by deciding what they want to view in their news feed and what they want to get notified about.

The new notification feature which can be accessed directly from the notification tab will allow users to police receiving notifications only from those people that they follow on the Twitter website or mobile app. Users who don’t want to limit receiving notifications can choose to not turn the feature on.

“Quality Control” is the second feature introduced with the aim of improving the quality of the tweets users see in their news feed. The quality of tweets is enhanced using a number of signals including account origin and user behavior. While the new feature filters out “low-quality content”, such as automated tweets, it will not affect the content from accounts that users regularly interact with or follow.

A Twitter official in the company’s blog post said “We’ve designed the feature to learn and improve over time, so what we’re rolling out is just a start and we’ll keep you posted on updates in the future.”

Twitter has come under fire for allowing abusive and hateful behavior on its platform. And the introduction of these two new features might allow the social giant to hopefully regain a small portion of its lost ground.


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