Twitter Announces the Shut Down of Vine in “Coming Months’’


Twitter will soon be shutting down its 6-second video app, Vine. The announcement was made on Thursday in a blog post.

The announcement comes at a time when Twitter’s buy out bids are not seeing any traction. Furthermore, the company also announced earlier this week that it will be making job cuts impacting around 8% of its current workforce. And now with the announcement for shutting down Vine, it does seem like Twitter is continuing the momentum of cutting down loses.

Vine was first introduced in January of 2013. This new mobile video app was meant to be Twitter launch pad into the digital video space. Three years ago, mobile video was still in its infancy. YouTube was mostly confined to desktop users, Snapchat was just a messaging app, and Facebook had just then introduced Autoplay video while Instagram was limited to just photos.

However, as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram started expanding their audience base with new features and tools, Vine’s user base slowly started making the shift to the new and improved digital platforms. In addition to Vine’s audience making the transition, advertisers who were using the app, started moving towards the new platforms as well.

Facebook and YouTube definitely operated on a much larger scale compared to Vine. This meant greater exposure to wider audience bases for advertisers who were increasingly reluctant to waste their marketing dollars on Vine.

Although Twitter will close down Vine in the coming months, users will still be able to watch videos on Vine and even download those videos which are already posted. The downloaded videos can be posted on other mobile video platforms as well.


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