Twitter Brands can now Display their Availability to Respond to People’s Tweets


A new feature update from Twitter will now make it possible for brands with Twitter profiles to display their availability to respond to tweets. They can also provide users with a clickable button to be used anytime a user wants to send in a direct message.

Twitter’s new feature update is somewhat similar to what Facebook had introduced last year for pages. However, Facebook’s version of the update does seem more refined. For one, Facebook acknowledged brands that respond quickly with a “very responsive” tag.

What’s different with Twitter’s version is that anytime users either mention a brands name or search for Twitter accounts, or even when they go through direct message threads, they will be able to see the tag “Provides support” next to a brand’s account name. To ensure that this tag is displayed next to their names, brands are required to opt in via Twitter’s Dashboard tool. This is also the access point to setting their “availability” hours

Although the new feature can be used by Twitter business immediately, only those brands that have enabled direct messaging for all will be able to use it.

Off-late, Twitter has been rolling out a number of features in an effort to build its position as a platform of choice for business brands. And while the social site is yet to catch up to top contender Facebook, the new features roll out is sure to make it not only highly user-friendly, but also give the company a much needed boost.


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