Twitter Expands Beyond 140 Characters


Over the last ten years or so, we have seen the Tweet evolve from a basic, 140-character text message to a vibrant tool through which you can share your thoughts featuring images, videos, as well as texts, by using hashtags, vines, etc. This has happened with the continual growth of Twitter. Today it is possible to use Twitter for running an opinion poll, to express yourself more vividly by adding GIF and emoticons to your messages, and use periscope broadcasts to post videos among other things.

We can see that Twitter has been trying to make things much easier for its users. If you felt that 140 words were not enough, there is good news – Twitter has promised to do away with the policy of counting characters that are used by @username, or the URL (link) of an image or video you share, from the allocated quota of 140. So, if you have used tweets to address your customer(s) and felt that after tagging a few people there is not much text quota left for you to write the tweet’s content, then you should rejoice – this issue has been resolved by excluding username’s word count from that of the content of the tweet.

Ways You Can Benefit from This Expansion of Twitter

  1. When you use media attachments, like images, videos, GIFs, a good deal from your allocation of 140 characters is used by these attachment. However, this is not going to happen anymore. You get to use all 140 to write your thoughts.
  1. When you post a Tweet, sometimes you don’t get the engagement levels you expected. There can be several different reasons for this – perhaps something else is currently trending or your scheduling of the Tweet was off and it did not reach the intended audience. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could retweet your old Tweet at a more appropriate time? Well, now you can do that with Retweet button, which is extremely helpful for those who aren’t sure when would be the right time to update.
  1. The .@ used to broadcast tweets is no longer needed, which means you can now just retweet to improve the number of people viewing your tweets.
  1. When you reply to a tweet @name will not count towards the already meagre 140 character limit of your tweets, leaving you with some more space to express yourself.

Twitter has planned to implement these changes in the next few months to come, and this has been made public. So, we can say that these updates will be available soon, and the company is always on the move to create other, more diverse ideas that will (hopefully) make things even better for its existing and new users.


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