Twitter hit with sharp criticism for changes; one of the additions is pulled


Twitter had to pull back one of its “safeguards” recently which was intended to curtail the harassment problem on its platform, but the social media titan received extensive criticism from its members.

Last Monday, Feb. 13, put out one of its new features that would not allow users to be informed when theyare placed on lists. This was not received well. It took less than a week for Twitter to admit its mistake and pull it out.

Users gave their own suggestions for more effective safeguards. One was to allow users to remove themselves from lists. In this way, the user would have control over their own accounts and avoid being targeted for unwanted contacts. Another suggested a button that allows users the option of not being added to lists at all.

Twitter users have been facing an increasing problem with harassment and abuse from contacts coming through the platform. The social media titan has been trying new policies to combat this problem.

Twitter promised in January to add new features to its safeguards.

Some of their measures have been designed to permanently delete accounts used for abusive messages, and (more recently) putting steps in place to prevent these users from initiating a new account using other information.

Another of its new additions will help in identifying ad removing tweets that contain sensitive material taken form blocked or muted accounts. Also, there are promised additions that are supposed to identify and remove “low-quality” replies.


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