Twitter hopes to improve its social media service with subscription service


Twitter has been struggling for lack of money and is looking at adding paid subscriptions for ads in their TweetDeck, according to Marketing Land. The ad-free features do not make the platform revenues. At present, Twitter is conducting a survey, checking popular interest, on their idea for engaging a subscriber’s version of TweetDeck.

Twitter would keep its free version, but the subscribers will have upgraded services, such as no advertisements to interrupt their experience while enjoying the same content. At present, TweetDeck is ad-free, but non-subscribers would begin viewing ads.

The new features included in the popular survey was a mobile version of TweetDeck, a use list importer, new improved analytics, and bookmarking capability.

Twitter has not progressed beyond investigating the possibility of starting this new subscription TweetDeck.At this point, it may never roll out though it is expected to be started soon, given the fact that completely ad-free does not gleen revenue, something the platform is in need of. Reports indicate that although Twitter increased its user-base by about 11 percent, it lost about one percent of its revenue in the last quarter of 2016.In fact, they have not shown a profit since 2012. The increase in user-base continues to grow year after year but at less cost per tweet.

The competition is stout on all sides of Twitter, stripping away its revenue-base. A subscription-based feature is expected to bolster the platforms drooping income giving some strength to Twitter’s core social media service.


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