Twitter implements more features to curtail abusive language


Twitter is once again trudging forward in their efforts to curtail and eliminate abusive and offensive tweets from their platform. Users will have the ability to mute language, hashtags, and emoji which they find objectionable out of their timelines addition to their notifications. In addition, users will be allowed to set a time limit on their filter – one day or indefinitely, and several time-choices between.

The new mute function is meant to enhance the users experience on Twitter, according to Marketing Land. The user has the power to improve that experience by not allowing certain subjects to appear on their timelines or notifications. If a user does not like news stories about a particular story that is appearing frequently in social media.

Another tool being used is Twitter algorithms,and they are continually being upgraded to spot inappropriate messages. If an account is identified as initiating such messages they will be put on hold for a time.

Last month, Twitter officers took steps to combat offensive content coming across their platform. This has included preventing abusive users who have been barred from the platform from activating a new account to continue their inflammatory language. Also, users can report abusive language or offensive messages with more effective result, bolstering their Hateful Conduct Policy.Finally, Twitter algorithms were updated to filter out certain “low-quality” tweets, according to Marketing Land. Twitter officers emphasized they in no way want to discourage free expression, but some comments tend to diminish the enjoyment of others.


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