TwitterAdds Welcome Message for Customers in DM


Twitter recently announced inclusion of new features to further build its position as a platform of choice for businesses to connect with potential customers. One of the features introduced this week include “welcome messages’’ that can be set up by businesses as a way of greeting customers. These automated messages can not only help build a brand’s customer oriented image, more importantly brands don’t need to wait for the customer to start a conversation. This kind of an initiative can kick start the customer – brand interaction(s) for businesses that want to connect and be there in a customer’s exact moment of need.

Welcome messages can be created in bulk by a business which can then be linked to the business website, or a greeting from tweets, or even to specific apps. While introducing this new feature, Twitter in its blog said – “Welcome messages help businesses demonstrate their commitment to service and help people learn what options exist to engage with a business in Direct Messages.”

Twitter’s “’Quick Replies’’are another handy tool that help businesses enhance their customer service. With quick replies, businesses can provide customers with a list of options with future steps to take for possible customer queries on issues such as tracking ticket. The combination of quick replies and welcome messages provide multifold benefits to businesses. Businesses. These handy features effectively bring down wait time while also helping educate customers on the best possible ways to interact with them.

Welcome messages are available for everyone with the latest version of the Twitter app.

Off-late, the company has been working on creating support tools like direct messaging button, new plug-ins for websites, among others as a way of helping connect businesses with their customers. These new features are proving to be popular with users which in turn has helped Twitter maintain some of its former glory as a platform for building and improving brand interactions.


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