Use all available data resources in marketing campaigns


“Knowledge is power.” (Sir Francis Bacon, 1597)

Obtaining relevant information is an essential part of planning good marketing strategies that will help give you the winning edge in your overall campaign.An article in Search Engine Land revealed three helpful tips that any retailer and marketing professionalshould remember to understand why analyzing significant advertising data is important for staying competitive in the online advertising arena.

First, the online competition has increased over the past ten years, both in numbers and cost. Studies show that the companies selling internet advertisement have enjoyed a 17 percent increase in revenues over the past 10 years, a growth indicator. They are selling more ads to more clients, which means there is more competition in online marketing.

Second, with the measurement and data resources offered by the online titans (like Facebook, Google and others) are becoming more sophisticated, there is a lot more data to consider. As marketing professionals increase their demands for granular detail of their customer base, the more knowledge there will be to consider as you plan your next targeting strategy.

Third, you must understand your customers if you want to sell to them. Never just assume that what you like, they will automatically like also. Collecting available data, showing what they actually prefer, in terms of color elements, tone, image variety, video content, and so much more is key to building your next advertising campaign. Use the information you have,and give the strongest appeal to the audience that will likely want your products or services


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