Use metrics to your brand’s advantage


Marketers can rely on metrics to tell them what their target audience or chief competitors are thinking. However,numbers like key performance indicators (KPI), are measurements that can indicate what you are thinking or what your particular goals are, according to Search Engine Land.

Profitability is the number one issue for a company, and return on ad spend (ROAS) is a metric that is given great attention because budget-minded management views everything in terms of how it keeps their company in the black.  The ultimate return realized by an advertisement (the revenue brought in to product or services) needs to be greater than all expenditures in the ads creation from development and all thereafter.

Dovetailing the importance of profitability, that depends in large part on acquiring new customers. This can be accomplished with different techniques. One method could bedevelopingads to customer profilesoutside your primary targets. This does not mean alienating your present base, but extra efforts to address other groups can pay dividends.

One of the major concerns for a company is whether or not an ad will drive more clicks. The click through rates (CTR) are extremely important to the most marketing teams, so creative efforts are placed on developing ad content that will drive viewers toward this goal.

Keep an eye on as many metrics as possible, especially those that are most important to your brand and its marketing goals. Paid search ads have an effect on brand awareness and make it more likely a view will remember the company.



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