Using multiple channels can optimize marketing efficiency


When search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click (PPC) marketing are handled well, companies can glean benefits in terms of increased conversions and revenues. Applying these two channels together, companies can see an even greater increase in traffic at a more efficient cost, according to Search Engine Land.Studies have shown using popular keywords through both channels will increase your chances of elevating the efficiency of both.

The first reason these two channels can be used to complement each other is the difference in timing. PPC usually gleans rewards in the short-term while SEO works more effectively in the long-term.Information from PPC can give the advantage of early references points concerning optimal keywords and content efficiency to help marketing teams better plan SEO strategies for long-term results.

More advantages to implementing both PPC and SEO in a brand’s marketing campaign are a rise in click-through rates. Primary keywords showed a click-through rate of 8.93 percent in PPC and 5.1 percent in SEO results. When the two channels were run independently, the results were 8.08 percent and 4.48 percent respectively, showing a clear decline in performance in comparison to using the channels in tandem. Also, as SEO improves performance, there is  decrease in cost-per-click.

Finally, it’s very important to observe the analytics of your competition’s SEO and PPC. The auctions insight feature in Adwords provides the numbers data to follow your competitions conversions and costs in the PPC strategies. Another useful tool for “spying on” your rival brand marketers is the Domain vs. Domain feature found in SEMrush. Tools such as these will provide insight on building your marketing strategies with effective keywords and other marketing elements.


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