Utilize customer reviews and expert reps to promote your brand


In the marketing game, making your brand stand out with engaging content and powerful advertising strategies is a large part of the success formula. One of the tallest obstacles to overcome is making your brand stand out more prominently than the competition. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines a marketing manager can follow to help in that effort, according to Marketing Land.

First, utilize the “voice of the customer” through the use of online reviews which express a positive point-of-view about your brand’s products or services. Many consumers like to know how other consumers rate a product because it makes them feel more comfortable about making an informed purchase.

Second, consider the timeliness of your product reviews because most customers are interested in current sources. According to studies, more than 70 percent of consumers won’t even read a review that is more than three months old, and about 20 percent set that bar at two weeks.

Usually newly-released products on the web don’t have reviews attached to them, so organize a “free sample distribution” before the grand roll-out. A favored customer will like having a chance to sample the newest version of a video game or mobile device before it hits the stores, online or at the local brick-and-mortar outlet. This is an effective strategy to generate early reviews and give your marketers fodder for their most recent advertising strategy.

Finally, most consumers prefer to make an informed purchase, so be the expert educator about your brandor provide access to someone who is in the know. Be sure your representative can be engaging as they provide an objective and experienced voice for the brand.


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