Utilize the online resources of Google Maps


Putting your business “on the map” has become almost cliché, but now it has a new meaning – Google Maps. With 80+ percent of consumers seeking the desired outlet on the Google forum, it is a business resource you can’t afford to ignore or miss out on. Look at it this way, if you blow it off, and some competitor does not, who is more likely to get noticed by would-be customers.

There are ways to get your business denoted by one of those little dottedicons on Google Maps, according to Search Engine Land.

First, make sure the information is correct – name, address, type of service and even specializations.

Next, a viable business needs to be registered on Facebook with consistent and frequent postings. Google doesn’t defer to FB or vice versa, but search algorithms tend to notice the businesses that market themselves on one of the world’s biggest social media platforms.

Also, for those outlets that have more than one location, it is a good idea to publish (online or in local media) information specific to each location so that each placement will have a better chance to be recognized on Maps.

Another point to remember isthe importance of local media. With everything moving to the internet, including advertising and marketing, some people seem to look down their noses at physical newspapers and magazines. Most of these publications, have maintained a strong online presence. Getting your location(s) into the local media gets attention both on- and off-line.

Finally, make sure your business maintains a strong online presence. This refers to more than just your website, which is essential, but also getting yourself listed in local groups and business listings.


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