Videos and AI can better secure the CMOs professional interests


CMOs have an average longevity of about three and a half years with any one company. Keeping on the far side of that curve can be a challenge but there are a few career strategies marketers can try to advance their brand to present and a new customer base while ensuring their jobs last longer, according to Marketing Land.

First, push for aggressive video advertisement to get your brand in front of customers’ eyes.Set up your own studio and hire video professionals to optimize the promotion of products and services in the best waypossible. Since most users can now pick up video on their smart phones, focus on cross-channel formatting to accommodate mobile-to-desktop transitions.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is one of the rising technological trends in marketing, so a CMO would be wise to take advantage of this venue.Automating certain aspects of the marketing job – such as pulling together comprehensive metrics for customer profiles –frees up more time for the strategic planning and creative. Also, AI can analyze the numbers more efficiently, giving you quicker access to the information you need for a stronger marketing strategy.

Finally, more customers are attracted to the “personalized experience” when viewing brand videos. AI makes this task easier by using automation to predict the emotions, locations, optimal timing, device preferences (and other aspects) of your target customers. Also, machine learning can lend inspiration for optimizing video content that will appeal to your viewers, meeting them where they are in the journey toward conversion.

In the long-term, marketers should seek to enhance loyalty with their audience base while establishing a relationship with new consumers, all of which can be done more effectively with the power of video promotions backed up by the effectual use of AI and other marketing technologies.


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