Voice-op users surveyed with significant numbers.


A survey released by Stone Temple Consulting showed the Alexa is the user-preferred voice assisted system on the market, showing 37.1%. About 60 percent of users surveyed said using a voice operated system is quicker than typing. Cortana pulled ahead as the most accurate, 93% of the time. While Alexa won in the number of users category, it has fewer devices, so those out in the public are being engaged more often than Siri, Google Assistant, or Cortana.

Google Home was not part of the survey.

Other facts shown in the survey indicate that almost half of the smartphone users have Google Now as they mobile voice assistant (49.4%). Siri is in second place (42.5%), and Cortana in third (5.1%), then Alexa (1.8%)

As user-preferred, Google Now (23.5%) is trailing Alexa’s numbers, followed by Siri (21%) and Cortana (15.8%).

The most common uses of the voice assistants were playing music 14.2 percent of the time, setting alarms 12.6 percent, and weather inquiries at 12.2 percent.

The most common activity for voice-users was driving (52%), which has been lauded as safer than manually operating a phone while behind the wheel. Others have commented that this will be one of the beneficial usages of voice operated mobiles.

Other activities that would have made manually using the mobile device, the voice-op was used 26 percent of the time. TV watching was 7.5, with using it while at work was 7.2 percent of the time.

The survey was reported in searchengineland.com.


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