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If you are trying to reach new clients by enhancing your website and marketing with social media, you have probably seen SEO mentioned in articles. If you are not already familiar with SEO, it stands for search engine optimization. The better you understand what SEO is and how it works, the more able you can make your water damage restoration company visible to potential clients.

SEO Basics
Becoming an SEO expert takes time. While a quick overview may make it seem simple, to fully benefit from SEO, you have to commit time and attention.

How SEO Works
Search engines are like librarians. You type in your search query, and the search engine gives you the best results. In order to provide you with the best content, the search engine must know about every site on the internet.

To gather information on websites, search engines use spider bots. Bots “crawl” around the internet, gathering information and figuring out how different websites are connected to each other. In order to make the collected information useful, it is analyzed with an algorithm.

An algorithm is like a formula. Each search engine creates its own algorithm, and they are always working to improve it. The algorithm takes in the information collected by the spider bots and determines which websites are likely to be most relevant and useful.

Although each search engine’s algorithm is unique, there are certain factors that they all use. These factors include:

Keywords: Keywords are words that users commonly use in their searches.
Titles: The page titles and subtitles indicate what information is in the body.
Links: When a website has many other websites linking to it, it shows that the linked website is reliable.
Reputation: When your website has new content added regularly, it gets a better reputation.

Why SEO Matters
Many users only look at the search results on the first page. If your business’s website is on any other page of results, you are losing business. An SEO expert pays attention to how the search engine algorithms work and constantly adjusts their website’s content.

SEO Experts
There is no way to become an SEO expert overnight. With a lot of research and time, you can become an expert. As the owner of a water damage restoration company, though, there are many other things that take precedence over spending hours reading online articles, taking classes, and watching videos.

Large and successful companies have their own team of SEO experts whose job is to optimize their company’s online presence. Thankfully, there is also help for smaller businesses that cannot have their own private team.

KiLLitOnline is the solution for a water damage restoration company looking to reach new clients. Our business is to help your business with marketing, so you don’t have to. As your SEO expert, there are many things we can help you with.
Local Searches
When someone has water damage in their home, they want to find the best restoration company in their area. If your website is not presenting your location in an optimal way, your business will not come up in local area searches.

If a user searches for a restoration company on a map or enters their city in the search and your business is in that area, you want your name to appear. We will work with you to make sure your company comes up in searches for a water damage restoration company in your area.

Building Your Reputation
When a company has a poor reputation, people take their business elsewhere. Even if your business has a good reputation in person, if it doesn’t have a great online reputation, then you are losing customers. Your online reputation is built through positive reviews, social media followers, and website connections.

Since building and maintaining an amazing online reputation takes a lot of focus, it is easy for it to suffer if you do not have the time to dedicate to managing it. KiLLitOnline knows what works and how to get your reputation skyrocketing. Since this is our business, we can spend our whole focus on helping you.

First on the Results Page
Being the first result of a search engine search is an achievement worth bragging about. To accomplish this, you must understand what algorithms search engines are using and how to make your online content provide what the algorithm wants. These algorithms are constantly being adjusted, which means your website content also needs to change.

Let KiLLitOnline be your SEO expert. Together, we can formulate a strategy, and our team will handle all things online. If you want your business to grow, then contact us today so that together we can make your online presence reach new heights.


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