Water Damage Restoration SEO Tips

Water Damage Restoration SEO Tips

When someone has water damage in their home or their business, they want to find a restoration company as soon as possible. By focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you will increase your chances of being the company they discover first.

SEO Tips

When a user enters a query into a search engine, the results that come up are not random. Every website is crawled by the search engines and ranked. The top-ranking websites come up first, and most users will only click on the results on the first page. By spending some time optimizing your company’s online presence, you can increase your chances of being one of those top 10 websites. Although good SEO management is time-consuming and complex, there are a few simple things that will give your website a traffic boost.


Keyword Rankings are the key to having your business come up when a potential customer does an online search. A keyword is a term that people commonly use when searching. The more optimized your webpages are for keywords, the greater the chances are that your website will appear in a search. 
Unfortunately, good keywords are not static. Over time, certain words will be less used in searches, and new words will arise. It is vital to continuously monitor which keywords are best to use.  A good way to get started with keywords is to think about what a customer would search for. Keywords are often simple and non-technical. Pretend you know nothing about water restoration but have water damage in your home. Think about what terms you would use to search online for help.


The information you provide on your website affects a user’s experience. Search engines can tell how long a user is on your website. The longer they are there, the better.  By providing interesting and relevant information, you will captivate a user’s attention. Think about what a user might want to know, then create content that answers potential questions. Content should be clearly written and optimized for the water damage restoration service you are providing. Each web page should contain inbound links, outbound links, keywords, image alt tags, and more. The business information must be consistent throughout the entire site and across search engine platforms.


A poorly designed website will deter users from spending time on it. Over time, what is aesthetically pleasing changes. A quality website designed today is going to look different than one created in the early 2000s. Another thing to remember is that people use their phones and tablets more often to look at online content. What looks amazing on a computer is not always easy to navigate on a phone. Be sure your website is visually appealing and easy to navigate on any device. Google Mobile rankings can be affected if your mobile site is not optimized properly. In the world of search engines, there is a hierarchy. The longer a website has been in existence, the more priority search engines give it. If your website is brand-new, you will have to spend some time simply waiting for its priority to increase.


Search engines such as Google use autocomplete to help users save time with their searches. As a user types their query, suggestions pop up. The suggestions are adjusted as the user types until one comes up that aligns with what the user is searching for and they click it.  Autocomplete suggestions are based on frequently used real search queries, as well as the user’s location and previous searches. You can use these autocomplete predictions to your company’s advantage. Play the role of a homeowner with water damage. Start typing in a search query and see what comes up. Try including the predicted keywords and phrases on your website. Since the autocomplete suggestions are based on the user, use your browser’s incognito mode to prevent the search engine from using your previous searches as an influence.

Think Local

Users are often specific with their searches, such as including their city’s name. If your business provides water damage restoration to a certain area, be sure to mention it on your website and in your page’s metadata.  If your business has recently moved locations, be sure to update the address on your website and on your Google My Business listing. When users search on an online map, businesses near them appear. If your address is outdated, you risk losing customers.

Look at the Competition

When you search for water damage restoration or a similar query in your local area using incognito mode, take a look at the websites that come up first. See how those websites differ from your own. You can use them as inspiration for making beneficial changes to your business’s website.

Maximizing Web Traffic

Nowadays, search engines are used to answer questions, find services, and more. To keep your company in business, you have to stay relevant. With SEO and an up-to-date web presence, you will ensure that potential customers will find you. 
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