Ways to improve the effectiveness of influencers in social media ads


One effective tool used by advertisers is the dynamic push of an influencer – someone or some organization with a broad audience.For instance, popular celebrities like Chuck Norris come with a broad fan-base. According to Marketing Land, advertisers have found it challenging to measure an influencers effectiveness across social media platforms; therefore, determining the Return on Investment in hiring them is hard to determine, but a few strategies have been developed to help.

There are ways to track how great an advantage an influencer can be to an advertiser’s overall marketing campaign. One is in the way an advertiser allocates discount codes and trackable links. Each influencer distributes a different code and link then the number of usersfrom eachcan be tracked.Using Google Analytics, the advertiser can determine which influencer is not drawing the most attention but establishing the greatest conversion rate.

Brands should develop a system for establishing and maintaining a working relationship with their influencers. Some kind of content calendar could be outlined for each of them, showing what type of content will be assigned in the marketing campaigns, how it will be presented and when.

Any relationship should be maintained carefully. To keep a sound business relationship with all of their influencers, the advertisers should remain in contact continuously. This can be done with simple emails keeping the influencers informed of upcoming marketing strategies. Work with them on more than just social media advertising, but offer other venues like special events or webinars.


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