Ways to use your store locator to optimal advantage


Is your store locator easy to read? More specifically, does it help your would-be customers find your place of business? Once they are in the door, you can try to schmooze them into becoming a steady customer. But, if you have a physical brick-and-mortar retail outlet, then you must ensure the would-be customer can find it first. Fortunately, there are ways to ensure your store locator is doing more than its man job, according to Search Engine Land. It can help in improving the bottom.

First, think of your locator as an advertisement as well as a map. Its primary job is getting interested parties to your door, but should also give them a little encouragement to buy.

Also, make sure your locator is mobile-friendly. Keep in mind that the amount of mobile shopping traffic far exceeds PCs and laptops. For optimal results, make sure the mobile users can get a clear picture.

Another important locator hint to remember is to make sure it’s easy on the eyes. Promoting a few key details and dropping in some inviting pics can draw in new customers. On the other hand, too much clutter may make it more difficult to decipher. Your would-be customer will start looking at the competition.

If your business offers a broad spectrum of products or services that would appeal to a large variety of target customer groups, then having more than one locator might serve well. Allowing a searcher to view a nearby location that accommodates the needs indicated in their search will make their effort more fruitful and bring people to you that have already shown interest in what you have to offer.



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