Well managed price extensions can promote the brand


A number of marketers agree that price extensions are great tools for promoting your products and your brand. If you have a price on anything, you can find a way to use extensions to your best advantage. According to Search Engine Land, there are ways to optimize their performance to gain more clicks and improve your ranking on the SERP.

One method is providing quality information to users who are in need of a particular product or service. Customizing your extension package according to certain parameters like geographic location and need will help deliver the data to the right user.Find ways to personalize your pricings to meet specific needs for individual viewers. Also, prepare the appropriate landing pages to match the extensions they will view.

Using price qualifiers is another valuable tactic in price extension strategies as you describe your prices, which can be very important.There’s no need to revisit the extension prices over and over to keep them honest. Qualifiers make it easier to manage across regions.

Applying a tracking template with your pricing extension tactics will provide valuable information in figuring out its effectual use and how to tweak it when the tactic does not work as well as expected. However, remember that templates can track data for the extension package not individual items.

Finally, when you implement your extensions, apply them correctly to get the best benefit.Use them in bulk through the API or Adwords Editor. Also, the headers must align with your descriptions. Don’t use promotional content with them. Lastly, keep your extensions updated.


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