What Are the Advantages of Display Campaigns and How Can They Impact YOUR Business?


    If you are new to digital marketing and promoting your business on-line, you may have come across display campaigns. These ads encompass the visual space within the margins of blog posts, news articles and social media websites. They show themselves on advertising-supported websites, and can be equipped with video, animation and greater design detail than a typical text ad.

    What does this mean for your business? Could display campaigns help boost your marketing efforts? What are the advantages and how can they positively impact your business’ bottom line?

    Wide Reach

    Google conducted an extensive study regarding display campaigns and found that display network campaigns reach 90% of internet users world-wide. That is a very impressive reach since that includes nearly 2M websites.

    Display network ads reach the users who are not necessary shopping for a product or service. They are simply reading the day’s news, doing research or catching up on their favorite blog.

    The great thing about display ads, is you are charged per click, not per impression. Since it is common marketing knowledge that a customer will be exposed to your brand more than 7 times before making a purchase, the Display Network is a great place to build up your brand awareness.

    When comparing the cost to a local newspaper ad or even billboard, display ads can be a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, saving users up to 80% per lead.

    Highly Targeted Ads

    When using Google’s Display Network, you can create highly targeted ads that appeal to your unique audience. You can reach them through targeted keyword placement, embed your ads within a series of selected topics, show ads only to people who have visited your site before and manually choose the best websites that would support your brand.

    Variety of Ad Choices

    Google’s Display Network is gaining traction due to the flexibility and variety of ad choices available to users. Image, video, text and rich media area all options for advertisement types, and users can choose between 8 different sizes.

    Understanding the Statistics of Each Ad Choice Is Key

    The reason? Each ad choice has a different response and impression rate. For example, rich image and image ads have fewer impressions than text ads, but drive nearly 2 x the click-through rates. In instances where you want to drive more impressions using an image ad, raise your bid. This will allow you to outbid competing text ads for that space; providing you more impressions and a greater click-through rate.

    In order to kill it online in your business and live the life of your dreams, you need to educate yourself of the different tools available to create a wider reach to your target audience. Through Google’s Display Network, you can increase your brand awareness, drive more revenue to your website and do so at a fraction of the cost from traditional marketing channels.


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