What Artists Already Know About Social Media, and How You Can Steal Their Secrets


Artists thrive on social media. From actors to painters, artists of all types know how to use social media to promote their work and gain an audience. Creative people have an easier time making social media work for them. They know how these platforms work, and they use their creative skills to make the most of them. Whether or not you have a creative streak, you can use creative secrets to thrive on social media. Here are a few things that creative people do to create the best content.

Show Your Work

Some artists only show the finished product on social media, but a lot of others show their works in progress. In fact, many use social media to show the progress itself. You can show your work on social media, too. That might include a picture of your team members working on a remediation project.

Own Your Expertise

When an artist knows that they’re good at what they do, they own their expertise. There’s a certain level of confidence that comes with skill. Well, you’re skilled at what you do, too. Like an artist, let your confidence speak for itself. Use your authority and expertise to show that you’re the best for the job. Don’t try to downplay what you know.

Post Tutorials

One of the best ways to gain an audience is to teach something that people want to learn. That’s why some artists will post simple and specific tutorials on their social media platforms. You can do the same with your own expertise. While an artist might show their audience how to paint with watercolors, you might show them how to prevent a dryer fire.

Gain Exposure

Artists know how to make the most of social media tools. They research hashtags and other resources to help them gain exposure. You can use these tools, too. Take some time to research social media tools and strategies that you can use to expand your audience.

Enlist Help

Not all artists handle their social media alone. Plenty get help from outside sources. You can do the same. If social media marketing seems overwhelming, you can let us take care of it while you focus on your business. Ready to find out how your business can thrive online? Then contact KiLLit Online today. Let us make your online life easier.

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